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Transitioning home from a hospital or rehabilitation center often requires care beyond what a family can provide. Our exceptional caregivers and knowledgeable managers will help you navigate through this time of recovery and healing.

Healthcare is in a time of change and hospitals and rehabilitation facilities often feel the pressure to discharge patients home more quickly. It is important that the physician’s plan of care is followed at home following a hospitalization for medical or surgical needs.

Caring Excellence has experience and expertise in after hospital care. Our professionally trained caregivers and management team give you confidence that your recovery will progress as you desire and your physician directs. Soon you will be back to your best and enjoying life.

We help with basic cares and specific skill needs. The following is a partial list of valuable services we assist with after a hospitalization:

• Assist with Medications
• Caregiver Communication
• Daily Client Activity Reports
• Dialysis Care Partner
• Blood Sugar Checks
• Vital Signs Checks
• Supply Management
• Pharmacy Pick-Up
• Meal Preparation
• Special Diets
• Housekeeping
• Skin Care
• Hygiene
• Home Oxygen Management
• Apply Compression Stockings
• Care of Catheter & Stoma Bags
• Support with Crutches, Walkers & Wheelchairs
• Support with Braces, Immobilizers, Casts, & Slings
• Transportation to & Support with Doctors Appointments,
Chemo Therapy, Radiation Therapy, Physical Therapy, Dialysis Treatments, & any other Procedures
• Support with Lift Equipment
• Ambulation Support
• Exercise Support
• Daily Weights
• Shopping