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After Hospital Care Resources

Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s can be extremely overwhelming and often times frustrating, whether it is the constant questions, aggressive behaviors and personality changes or the need for 24 hour care. However, there are tips to best manage care for an individual with Alzheimer’s:

Your Discharge Planning Checklist

A great tool developed by Medicare to help you prepare for discharge from the hospital. It covers what questions to ask to ensure your transition to home is safe and smooth. Many great resources included.

Care After Surgery

Always follow your individual physicians discharge instructions after surgery. The care, diet, activity and restrictions will be different depending on the type of surgery you had. It is important not to over do the first week you are home from the hospital.

Be patient and you will see steady improvement. Never hesitate to call your physician if you have concerns.

Next Step in Care

An amazing wealth of information and resources on hospital discharge and after hospital care can be found at sponsored by The United Hospital Fund.

Guides for All Caregivers, Hospital Stay and Discharge Planning Options, Rehabilitation and Home Care are just a few of the areas covered.