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Alzheimer’s / Dementia Caresenior man in chair

Alzheimer’s is a disease that impacts, not only the past, but the present and future. Caring Excellence desires to offer you support and hope on this often challenging journey.

The stages of Alzheimer’s vary significantly and require different levels of assistance. Caring Excellence will complete an in depth assessment which will direct the services provided in the home in order to promote the client’s well being at whatever stage of care they require.

Individuals in the early stages of dementia often experience anxiety, depression and irritability while individuals in later stages can experience anger, agitation, physical and emotional outbursts and restlessness . Caring excellence staff will execute the plan developed from the assessment in order to encourage and assist clients to function at the highest level possible.

At times individuals with dementia may exhibit some unexpected or challenging behaviors such as aggression, repetition of words or activities, suspicion, wandering and trouble with sleep. Caring Excellence staff are trained to identify, prevent and manage challenging behaviors in order to maintain a safe and stimulating environment.

Allow Caring Excellence to provide you with a free consultation to identify how we can assist you and your love one.